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Biofar Liposuc is a product with a new approach to the reduction and control of body weight. It was made on the basis of plant extracts, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for the loss and control of body weight.

The patented formula is based on clinically confirmed 26 ingredients that synergistically cover all mechanisms in the process of weight loss.

Liposuc in its composition contains plant extracts java tea, lemon balm, fruit apples, white mulberry leaf, green tea, artichokes, green coffee beans, the seeds of grapes. The presence of dietary fiber and Acacia chicory gives weight-prebiotski effect, by creating a sense of satiety. L-carnitine facilitates combustion of excess fat, and the addition of vitamin C, D3 and zinc, regulates the status of vitamins and minerals, while maintaining a balance, irrespective of the mild diuretic effect. ID-alG complex inhibits (disables) digestion (digestion, decomposition) of fat and an enzyme decomposition of starch.

The presence of chromium increases insulin sensitivity of cells does not effect, which creates an added benefit in applying Liposuca in people with diabetes.

Thanks to the mutual effect of a large number of ingredients, Liposuc effect on metabolism and fats and carbohydrates which avoid the yo-yo effect. The product is effective and reduce visceral fat that have the highest risk for cardiovascular disease.

Use the following Liposuca cirkadijalni rhythm and metabolism that allows different ingredients work just when you need it.

It is recommended for people who want to slim healthy, no skipping meals.

Liposuc contains no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients of animal origin. Contains caffeine.


Green bags: in the morning after breakfast, dissolve the powder in a large glass of water and stir. Drink immediately.
Purple bag: in the afternoon before the meal, dissolve the powder in a large glass of water and stir. Drink immediately.
Blue bag: night before dinner, dissolve the powder in a large glass of water and stir. Drink immediately.
Not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of children. Store up to 25 C in a dry place.

Packaging: 30 bags

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