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"Blagoleks" d.o.o., a pharmaceutical company from Bijeljina, has been operating since January 1990. It started as the first private pharmacy in BiH, and during the first years of development, the business was focused on the operation of pharmacies and the expansion of wholesale activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Having in mind the needs of modern man and following the needs of the market, in 2004 Blagoleks directs its efforts to the development of its own production, invests in its own production and business facility of 2400 m2. The Blagolex production project was designed and implemented in accordance with GMP principles: roundabout, separate reception, storage and production zones, closed ventilation system, filters, adequate space for "clean rooms", with air class 100,000 units and purified water that in fully meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia.
By purposefully investing in production capacities and training employees in the field of production and control, Blagoleks has developed a range of high quality products: auxiliary drugs, cosmetics and other preparations of various doses and pharmaceutical forms, known as Lifeline.
Following the changes and trends in the market, the production of Blagolex is constantly expanding the range of its products, striving to meet the needs of users. All Lifeline products are registered and subject to rigorous control by the competent institutions.
Application: Effectively removes age spots, freckles caused during and after pregnancy, after intensive sunbathing, as well as during the hormonal birth control therapy. Vitalizuje protective system of the skin and promotes regenerative ability of the skin. Acts as an Antiinflammatory agent, removes..
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Effect: Chromium, vitamins and carefully selected minerals strengthen the body and slow down the development of complications that brings diabetes. Thanks to the herbal components DijabetSTOP regulates abnormal metabolic processes and as an adjunct to conventional therapy of medication helps in reg..
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Effect:Fish beads contain fish oil rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Vitamins A and D protect the epithelium, help denticiju, allow proper bone development and preventing rickets. Omega-3 fatty acids help the proper development of the eye and the brain, soothe inflammat..
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Application: Herbarektal is recommended for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids and anal fissures for treatment. Herbal extracts of očvršćavaju the walls of blood vessels, preventing their further spread and shooting. They create a pleasant feeling of cooling, the effect has an an..
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Application: Linoderm Ointment is intended for dry and sensitive skin of the body and face, skin care with eczema, neurodermatitisa, contact dermatitis, and for care of skin disorders in babies and young children.Composition: Ointment contains primrose oil (20%), African herbal butter and vitamin ..
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Effect: Nobol is a combination of hondroprotektiva and antiinflamatornih omega-3 acids. Hondroprotektivi (Glucosamine and Chondroitin) support nutrition and construction of articular cartilage, help with decreased mobility followed by pain and morning stiffness. Omega-3 fatty acids are similar in st..
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Effect: OsteoSTOP contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D in an ideal relationship and is an excellent support to bones. Calcium in organic form most easily exploited in the body and are best absorbed from the intestines, especially in combination with magnesium and vitamin D3. Lifeline Osteostop ..
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Effect:Prostat is an herbal preparation for men Successfully eliminates frequent problems, defective and incomplete urination Great uroantiseptik, stimulates spermatogenesis and improves potency Composition: Contains standardized extract 160 mg testeraste Palm berries, pumpkin seed extract 40 mg, ..
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Effect: URO-balance is intended for urogenital health. Prevents the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria for mucous membranes and urogenital their colonization.Composition: A unique combination of probiotics Lactobacillus Sexually Rosell 11 sprašene PACran and cranberry standardized to 1.5% proa..
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