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Parents are looking for real solutions: products, content, tech, community, and more. We’re on a mission to build an interconnected ecosystem of these everyday needs. We aim to transform the way our industry relates to families around the globe, with answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet.
We’re able to do this because we’re parents, future parents, grandparents, and caregivers ourselves. We focus our insights, energy, empathy, and passion toward delivering the right solutions that make raising a child easier – with the best minds, best talents, and best partners for the job.
Our Purpose
We believe bright futures should be in reach for every family. The path to get there is a journey built upon thousands of tiny wins. No matter our title or department, or job is to create more tiny wins that help families everywhere create bright futures.
Our Vision
Every family and every child deserve a bright future – regardless of where they live; how much money they make; what language they speak; what faith they practice, or what goals they pursue. Our vision is to redefine our industry by creating not just products, but holistic solutions for early stage parents that transcend borders, categories, and aisles.
Our History
We’ve been inventing and reinventing baby toys and gear for over 50 years, delighting babies and their parents with award-winning designs that deliver exceptional value. It all started with a simple, yet remarkably ingenious product that was a game changer for new parents. Now, over 500 products later, Kids2 is one of the fastest growing baby products companies in the world.
Brand: KIDS II
The tunnel mat with different images of vibrant colors is designed to create a unique doživalj baby while crawling Transparent pages enable parents to children have under control In a set and come in 3 toys and six links to mount other toys Easy to assemble and transport Intended for children betwee..
5,999.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
3 in 1 toy gives you 3 ways to play: sit down and play, walk behind and ride on it An amusing push toy encourages Walkin' activity will help your child in making the first steps. In addition to study aid walking encourages and development coordination, knowledge of colors, shapes and textures Ch..
7,800.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
For children aged 3-12 m Made of high quality plastic, interesting toy that will cheer up and gain the attention of your child A real guitar that glows and plays music for your toddler By dugmenceta three different colors moving release music and lights 10 classic ringtone..
2,299.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Start small hands, imagination, learning about your child's surroundings with the help of the barn with shapes of animals and letters The stables will certainly delight and amuse a child With the help of these toys kids will develop basics such as: recognition of shapes, colors, letters, animal ..
2,499.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Plastic Castle ball pit is a real Empire for kids. Colorful balls that fall through the various openings of the Castle will entertain children for hours. Lift the roof of the tallest Tower and allow the ball to roll down a spiral path. Raise the roof with other towers put the ball, press the roof an..
4,800.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Put the balls on this cute toy in the form of bugs and see how they spin in circles Bug counts the number of balls, how to upload and begins to let beautiful melodies This educational toy helps your child learn to count Provided for children aged 6 to 36 months..
3,505.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Place a colorful balls under the hood and pull the gearbox to change brzinа to ispaljivnje ball Buttons on the control panel and sound ručicа аktivirаju Broad, firm seat for lаku mobility Characteristics:For children between the ages of 12 m + For children up to 18 kg..
5,299.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Designed to be used on the floor or can be safely set to each trpezarijsku Chair.Characteristics:For children between the ages of 6 + to 22 kg Attached to the trpezarijsku Chair with straps Safety belt with 3 bondage points Serving tray with a place for a glass of The tray can be washed in the m..
6,499.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Discount: 10%Special offer lasts while stocks last.A fun and cheerful easy chair thanks to the fun bar with plastic toys will provide hours of fun. Comfortable and soft seat provides the baby needed support and comfort, while having fun nice melodies and toys Characteristics:For children betwe..
10,200.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Comfortable, soft and safe feeding Chair.   Characteristics:Bracket for bottle and Cup on a silver platter Safety belts in five points By adjusting the backrest seat (2 positions) Lightweight aluminum frame Simple Assembly Very nice material creates even greater comfort Simple and easy mainte..
8,160.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Pomerajuća tray allows for easy access to baby The seat and headrest to wash in the washing machine Characteristics:3 position backrest 7 adjustment points in height, that match any kitchen counter There are 2 wheel for easier scrolling feeders with the possibility of locking the In 5 points there..
14,899.00 RSD
Brand: KIDS II
Children are always fun what do mom and dad, so Cook together in this sweet kuhinjici with many machines, ball, color and amazing 50 different melodies and sounds. Here you will find blender, light switch, faucet through which exits the balls, ice dispenser, carton of milk that trigger countless hap..
5,400.00 RSD
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