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Dear patients!
Please read carefully before using this guide, because it contains information that is important to You. If you have any further questions, please contact your physician or to the pharmacist.

What contain Isla Cassis lozenges?
Each lozenge contains 80 mg of water extract of Icelandic Lichen [0, 40,8:1].
Other ingredients:
Ascorbic acid [vitamin C], sorbitol, maltitol Arabic Gum, citric acid, anhidnovana, Acesulfame K, black currant extract, aromas of black currant, light liquid paraffin, laundry water.
Each lozenge contains substitutes for sugar, sorbitol and maltitol) [112mg [285mg) = 0.033 BU.

When using Isla Cassis lozenges?
Ingredients Isla Cassis lozenge line irritated mucous membranes of the throat like a balm and so is protected from further stimulation and allow its faster recovery, especially in:

nadražajnog (dry) cough and hoarseness
exposure of the vocal cords with increased effort (singers, newsreaders)
inhalation of dry air (warm or klimatizovanog) suvoće mouth
difficult breathing through nose

When you can't use Isla Cassis lozenges?
Isla Cassis lozenges may not use if you are hypersensitive to any ingredient that goes into their structure.

What are the precautions when using Isla Cassis lozenge?
If your doctor told you that you have intolerance to some sugars, before using Isla Cassis lozenge consult with your doctor.

Can I use the lozenges during Isla Cassis pregnancy and breastfeeding?
There are no data available that would have advised him to apply Isla Cassis lozenge during pregnancy and breast-feeding can have harmful consequences.

How's Isla Cassis lozenges?
1-2 lozenges slowly melt in your mouth, the more times a day.
Note for diabetics: One lozenge contains 397mg substituted for sugar = 0.033 BU.

How long can I use the Isla Cassis lozenges?
If necessary, Isla Cassis lozenges can be used for a long time.
If after ten-day treatment there is no improvement, contact your doctor or Phar-maceutu.

That unwanted effects can have Isla Cassis lozenges?
Very rare, due to the presence of sorbitol and maltitola, Isla Cassis lozenges can have a laxative effect.

What needs to be taken?
An expiration date is imprinted on a cardboard box and blister. Isla Cassis lozenges may not use after the expiry of the specified time limit upotrebel store in a dry place at a temperature of-25 ° C.
Extract of black currant and Ascorbic acid are sensitive to light. Keep lozenges in the original packaging (cardboard box), in order to change colours lozenge.

Information about Isla Cassis pastilles:
Icelandic Lichen: Lichen and its origins
Icelandic Lichen is known in folk medicine since the 17th century. century under the name of Lichen to lungs or Lichen for the fever. Can be found in the lowlands, the low and the high mountains of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe as well as in North America, where it grows on flat soil poor in nutrients. Often they call it even and Icelandic Moss, because in the past, all plants that resemble Moss, MOSS and considered and called.
Icelandic Lichen belonging to the family of the Lichen (Parmeliaceae), a certain type of algae and fungi live in lišaju in biocenosis and (symbiosis). Icelandic Lichen is about 10 cm, has the appearance of Bush and a branch in kovrdžave "sheets" whose size is continuously decreasing. Lichen is Chartreuse umber to olive green on top and has a white-grey spots on the underside.

Mucosal protection from harmful influences:
The air we breathe is filled with challengers, who daily upon our organism. Most endangered is the mucosa of the upper respiratomog tract.
Normally healthy mucosa can be easily defended from attacks Challenger diseases. However, if it is irritated or weakened by exposure to dry air (hot or klimatizovanom) or the air full of contaminants (smog, cigarette smoke), challengers disease easier to penetrate into our body. Mucosal protection from pollutants and irritation. Mucini (substance of mucus) of Icelandic Lichen in Isla Cassis pastilles throat mucous membranes line as a conditioner and so is protected from the influence of dry and air zagadenog. Already attacked mucosa so can more quickly recover and regain their defensive power.

The particularity of Isla Cassis lozenge:
Isla Cassis lozenges contain special extract made of Icelandic Lichen from cold regions of the far North, whose dry residue contains more than 80% mucina. By dissolving lozenges to relieve mucus in my mouth is that like balm line and has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.
Protection and care vocal cords:
A weakened voice and hoarseness indicate irritation ... ... the already sensitive vocal cords.
In this case, Isla Cassis lozenges seem relaxing and soothing. Isla Cassis lozenges may also be used preventively in order to protect sensitive vocal cords.

Causes of suvoće mouth can be numerous. For example, the regular use of certain medications can lead to a decrease in salivacije. Also, diseases such as diabetes or Rheumatoid disorders (eg. rheumatoid arthritis) can cause suvoću mouth. In addition, external effects, such as dry air, prekomereno consumption of coffee, tea and cigarettes, or even reduced the activity of chewing can cause suvoću mouth. Decreased salivation can be tied up for years, what is the reason in particular seniors complain about the suvoću mouth.

Ingredients Isla Cassis lozenge can incase and wet your mucous membranes.

Excellent tolerance:
Isla Cassis lozenges can handle and can be used simultaneously with other medications. Lozenges are also suitable for use in individuals with sensitive želudcem. Isla Cassis lozenges have fruity taste of black currant. Lozenges are no sugar and no harmful effect on the teeth which makes them suitable for use in children and young people.

Mucosal protection during sports:
Mucous membranes of the respiratory tract during physical activity more burdened than under normal conditions, leading to drying out mucous membranes and unpleasant nadražajnog cough. In such cases, Isla Cassis lozenges protect mucous membranes in a natural way. Therefore, the use of Isla Cassis lozenges particularly useful during sports to prevent drying of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Keep out of reach of children!

Packaging: 60 lozenge

Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH And Co. KG, Herzbergstr. 3.61138 Niederdorfelden, Germany.

The holder of the authorisation for placing the Republic of Serbia:
Salveo driver Belgrade, Tošin bunar 272 11070 Novi Beograd tel: 011/715-9890, 011/715-9891

Before using a detailed study guide. About indications, precautions and adverse reactions to medication, consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

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