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The gel with a neutral pH value is intended for relieving dry mouth problems, provides long-lasting comfort and soothing effect.

Dry mouth - causes and how they are determined. Dry mouth is generally an underdiagnosed condition, and the symptoms are not a completely reliable indicator of the quantity and quality of salivary gland secretion at rest. Patients are often unaware of reduced excretion until the rate of excretion at rest is half the normal rate. Dehydration and dry mouth can easily affect healthy people as a result of a number of common lifestyle factors (e.g., caffeine intake, alcohol and nicotine consumption). Many serious health disorders are associated with xerotomy (Sjögren's syndrome, diabetes, radiation treatment). In addition, more than 300 drugs can cause xerotomy - including drugs that patients use without consulting a doctor and are available without a prescription, such as expectorants, nasal decongestants, and prescription drugs.

Dry Mouth Gel is a unique sugar-free product. It helps with dry mouth and provides long-lasting comfort and soothing effect for patients. The clear gel is available in a compact tube that can be easily put in a pocket or handbag, which means it can be used anytime and anywhere needed. It is only necessary for the patient to apply a large amount of gel on the buccal (outer) and lingual (inner) surfaces of the teeth and tissues of the oral mucosa with a clean finger. The unique property, unlike most saliva substitutes, is that Dry Mouth Gel has a neutral pH, which means that it provides effective symptomatic relief of discomfort, while maintaining the pH in a safe range to prevent demineralization.

Recommendation: Patients with reduced salivary secretion have an imbalance of ions needed to protect hard dental tissues. As a result, they are prone to tooth hypersensitivity, tooth erosion and dental caries. While Dry Mouth Gel alleviates the symptoms of oral dryness, it does not increase the level of biologically available calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions needed for remineralization and prevention. TM. Application with Tooth Mousse or MI Paste Plus, which contain RECALDENT CPP-ACP, will restore the necessary balance of minerals in the oral cavity and provide additional protection.

Packaging: tube of 40g (35ml)

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