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In 1999, Farr Laboratories, LLC, in collaboration with leading academic urologists at Harbor-UCLA REI (Lunquist Institute), began developing a safe, effective and natural way to address the symptoms associated with Non-Bacterial Chronic Prostatitis (Category III Prostatitis), also known as Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CP/CPPS), Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome), and Vulvodynia.
The astounding results of such collaboration are published in prestigious medical journals such as Urology (the "Gold Journal"), Techniques in Urology, and Journal of Andrology. Each of these publications together with presentations at major medical conferences, including the annual AUA (American Urological Association) meeting, has brought international recognition to our products.
Academic urologists from major medical institutions worldwide have conducted studies on our products Prosta-Q® and Cysta-Q®, which contain the potent bioflavonoid quercetin and other natural ingredients which enhance absorption. The results of these studies have demonstrated "significant symptomatic improvement in subjects with Non-Bacterial Chronic Prostatitis (CP/CPPS), and Vulvodynia."
Farr Laboratories, LLC is committed to ensuring that our product formulations evolve with the latest clinical research and by recommendation of our Medical Advisory Board. Physicians worldwide have been recommending our complete product line to their patients for over a decade and we will continue to use the highest standards in the development and manufacturing of the most efficacious natural supplements for urological disorders in the world.
Q-UROL TABLETE - 2016 - Preparations for prostate inflammation..
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