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Family Pharm d.o.o. was founded on 24.01.2014. as a company for trade, wholesale of pharmaceutical products and provision of marketing services.
In the field of trade Family Pharm d.o.o. is focused on representing companies engaged in the production of high quality brands in the European and world markets, as well as companies engaged in the production of innovative products and advanced technologies.
Family Pharm d.o.o. imports products for the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia as well as for the surrounding CEFTA and EU countries.
The goal is to offer brands of proven quality and action, recognized and accepted by the professional public from the world of medicine and pharmacy, as well as by end users, by importing from the European and world markets, as well as by carefully selecting products.
Successful business enables us to have stable relations at the business level with our partners and an active relationship with the relevant institutions of the system in the wider community. Promoting the principle of prevention and rational self-medication, the needs of our users are in the first place.
The team consists of highly motivated and team-oriented associates, who, in addition to a professional work environment, always strive for a "step higher" in the process of advancing the business environment.
Ambitious young people with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry of renowned international and domestic companies are predominantly doctors, pharmacists and economists with vast experience in various managerial positions in the sales, marketing and finance sectors.
Different experience of employees, gained through many years of successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry in different positions, are a guarantee of our business (Medical Representative, Field Force Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, Product Line Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing and Sales Director, etc.)
Our proposals and conceptual solutions have found their place in various business plans of many companies and institutions in Europe.
The best results, along with the integration of new ideas and new projects, are the essence of the business plan of Family Pharm d.o.o. in the coming period
Our team is made up of people who represent a blend of friendship, knowledge, experience, youth, innovation, optimism and a desire to make people available with effective medicines globally in medicine and pharmacy.
The team is adorned with: coherence, efficiency, expertise, competence, conscientiousness, courage, flexibility, innovation, productivity, uniqueness, originality and uniqueness.
Hoping that the near future will bring us the position of a leader in the trade of the highest quality and at the same time most affordable products of the European and world cosmetics industry, dietary supplements, medical devices, as well as in the field of leadership in implementing innovative programs in the Western Balkans, EU and Eurasian continent. we will do our best to achieve that.
CAPSAICIN GEL DONVAS® - 10152 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
765.00 RSD
DONVAS KURKUMA PRAH - 10092 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
377.00 RSD
CLEAN HANDS HAND CARE GELPractical use of the gel at any time when soap and water are not available.Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin, Trieth-anolamine, Carbopol, Lavender Offcinalis Oil, Panthenol, Perfume.How to use: Apply the gel from the bag on the palms and rub evenly. For external use only...
0.00 RSD
345.00 RSD
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