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Ekolostrum for resistance, digestion, balance, regeneration, strength and vitality

Knockout enemies of health!

-Weakened body resistance
-Bad, messy digestion and indigestion
-Annoying allergies
-Excessive body weight
-Slow regeneration of damaged tissue
-Bad mood
-Chronic fatigue
-Weak physical condition
-premature aging

Colostrum activates the natural resistance and provides excellent protection against different infections.

Of immunological factors, antibodies from the colostrum protects the intestinal mucous membrane and thus protects the body from various infections. Among the most important of these antibodies are antibodies IgG and IgA classes because they are crucial for resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Colostrum contains substances that inhibit many respiratory diseases which are transmitted through the air. Among them are also those that inhibit the influenza virus.

Colostrum protects the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, preventing intestinal and other infections and improves digestion.

Colostrum contains many biologically active antibodies that protect the intestinal mucous membranes and prevent the entry of microbes in our organism. Most of the harmful germs get into our body through the digestive system, so the intestinal mucosa protection is extremely important.

Domestic cow colostrum also contains oligosaharide which encourage the growth of probiotic bacteria.

Colostrum maintains the immune system in complete equilibrium and the surest way to relieve the symptoms of allergies.

Kolostrinin is the most powerful natural colostrum component that has the ability to maintain balance of the immune system. Activates a weakened immune system and consequently protects against infections. At the same time it calms an overactive immune system that causes a number of allergies and other autoimmune diseases.

Colostrum balances the concentration of glucose in the blood and is recommended for diabetics.

Growth factors of colostrum balance the level of glucose in the blood and increase the value of good cholesterol.

Colostrum increases muscle mass and body durability and allows for quicker recovery after physical exertion.

Colostrum helps improve mood and general condition, antioxidant and slows down the aging process.

Colostrum contains antioxidants (laktoferin, vitamin C, E, B-complex, zinc, iron, methionine, cystine) that protect the body from harmful free radicals.

Colostrum is a source of antioxidants, natural protivupalnih ingredients and the source of many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Cow colostrum activates the immune system and provides system better protection against the penetration of germs. Facilitates healing of tissues, increases muscle and bone mass and slows down the aging process.

Colostrum stimulates lymphatic tissue and provides numerous benefits to elderly people and people with low immunity.

Colostrum helps the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Growth factors of colostrum have the ability protivupalnog of action and encourage reconstruction of damaged cells, cartilage, bone, muscle, skin, nerves and other tissues. Growth factors of colostrum, improves treatment of wounds, burns and wounds after surgery.

Who is Ekolostrum for?
Colostrum we recommend everyone who:
-They have a weak immune system
-Living stressful, often traveling and have insomnia
-Weak and irregular food
-want to improve digestion
-have different allergic States
-Have a problem with body mass
-feel exhausted and want to improve your mood
-Physically active and want to recover faster after a hard physical work

-Children between the ages 2 to 12 years: 1-2 capsules per day
-Age 12 years and older: 2 – 4 capsules per day

Swallow the capsules with a lot of fluids or their contents add in in fluid or yogurt. If you are allergic or sensitive to the ingredients of Ekolostrum capsules, we recommend you to use the product. If you are taking any medication or have health problems, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, before using the capsule Ekolostrum consult with a doctor.

Since Ekolostrum is a high-quality natural supplement for balanced and varied diet, it is extremely safe and recommended for regular, everyday applying throughout the year. Ekolostrum as a dietary supplement recommended to all generations and it's never too late to enjoy all the benefits that gives the first food of nature.

Packaging: Pack of 30 capsules

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