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 Dr. Viton - K2 Complex is a carefully selected formula of vitamins and minerals for maintaining bone health. Rich formula consisting of VITAMIN K2, ORGANIC CALCIUM (calcium from seaweed), VITAMIN D3, MAGNESIUM and ZINC. The main role of vitamin K2 is to maintain the health of bones, but also blood vessels. Vitamin K2 is necessary for the activation of proteins in the body necessary for the binding of calcium and its proper use and proper absorption. Vitamin K2 prevents the formation of calcification in blood vessels, cartilage and soft tissues, which most often occur in people who continuously take supplements with calcium and vitamin D3. Vitamin K2 is necessary for the activation of proteins in the body needed for calcium binding and proper absorption.

K2 The complex in addition to vitamin K2 is enriched with:

• Organic calcium (from seaweed)

• Magnesium

• Vitamin D3

• Zinc

Organic calcium (from seaweed) as part of the K2 complex is essential for every body function. Calcium is needed for heart function, cell division and DNA replication. So, if there is not enough calcium in the human body, it is extracted from the bones and reduces bone mass. It is a simple self-defense mechanism that secretes calcium from the bones to perform basic functions. In other words, it protects human life, but it leads to osteoporosis. Organic calcium (from seaweed), which is one of the components of the K2 complex, is a great way to prevent osteoporosis by adding calcium from seaweed, which is highly absorbent, unlike ordinary calcium.

Magnesium as a part of the K2 complex is one of the most important minerals in the human body. Apart from being known for its inviolable support to the nervous system, uninterrupted muscle function and prevention of cramps, it also has several hidden benefits: Osteoporosis and bone loss: Generally speaking, magnesium provides strength and strength to bones and makes teeth stronger. It is a key mineral that plays a role in the proper metabolism of calcium, so it is a key element in the fight against osteoporosis and bone loss. Headache: Magnesium is a key mineral that helps relieve headaches by relaxing tense muscle groups, and helps prevent the build-up of overall stress levels, which is the most common cause of headaches. … It has thousands of benefits for the body, including the regulation and prevention of blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain and inflammation, and many other health conditions and diseases.

Vitamin D3 as one of the most important vitamins for the human body is part of the K2 complex. Vitamin D3 is the only vitamin in the body that can be produced using sunlight (UVB). However, with today's lifestyle, living indoors and extensive use of products with protective factors, we often lack vitamin D3, which is necessary for building bones and regulating the immune system.

Vitamin D3 is especially important for many functions that take place in the human body. Attention should be paid in the winter months, when most people lack this vitamin because it is synthesized in the human body through the sun's rays.

Vitamin D is important in:

• Treatment and protection of the skeletal system

• Maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a healthy fetus

• Prevention and as an aid in the treatment of osteoporosis and other bone diseases

• Prevention of rickets

Dr Viton K2 complex:

• Helps the digestive system

• It has a beneficial effect on the skeletal system

• Helps regulate diabetes

• Acts to reduce stress levels

• Strengthens immunity

• Helps heal acne and wounds

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