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The beginnings by Dr. Hans Niedermaier
historyThe Dr. Since it was founded, Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has had an amazing success story and made the leap from a small family business and contract manufacturer to the world market leader in the field of multi- fermented food supplements .
At the beginning of World War II, Dr. Hans Niedermaier (1913-2003), pharmacist and food chemist, had the courage to found a company in order to follow his idea and vision of " health in a natural way " and to make his philosophy of " healing through self-healing " a reality. In 1939 he founded the company Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH, pharmaceutical factory.
With the research of medicinal plants, their natural active ingredients and their regulating effect on health, Dr. Hans Niedermaier launched his first products, primarily the GALAMA.
Empirical investigations into the deep effects of enzymes in naturopathy gave the company founder fundamental knowledge about the functionality of the body's own enzymes . Dr. Hans Niedermaier on the development of a new production technology - today's cascade fermentation , which is a milestone in the company's history.
The family business was founded in 2001 by the daughter of the company founder, the pharmacist Dr. rer. nat. Cordula Niedermaier-May took over and made it big.
Immediately after studying pharmacy, Cordula Niedermaier-May went into business for herself and opened her own pharmacy - with great success. But then came a turning point. In 2000, the family dog ​​fell ill as a result of pesticide poisoning. The company founder Dr. At that time, Hans Niedermaier was experimenting with the fermentation of enzymes in his laboratory and decided to give the dog 2 milliliters of the essence he had obtained, which he called “Regulat”, which was obviously good for the dog. This experience prompted Cordula Niedermaier-May to sell her pharmacy and to take over her father's company, which was ailing at the time.
Through her own research on the REGULATESSENZ®, she increasingly discovered its unbelievable and versatile effectiveness. So she drove from one alternative practitioner to the next and did everything to make the essence known.
Her vision: to help people maintain their health and beauty in a natural way .
Passion, courage, her positive manner, her tireless diligence and her belief in the product helped the Bavarian power woman to make the company successful.
Your commitment paid off. The big breakthrough came in spring 2003 when a journalist published her personal success story in a 6-page PR article in the journal Natur und Heilen.
From one day to the next thousands of bottles were ordered, one phone call chased the next. More inquiries, more production, more staff and from now on also machine support - everything in the company went crazy.
In 2004, the cascade fermentation, which is unique in the world, was finally registered with the European Patent Office with entry no. 1153549.
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