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The Institute for the Study of Medicinal Herbs "Dr Josif Pančić" was founded in 1948 by the Government of the People's Republic of Serbia. Today, the Institute has shaped its original activity into a unique research and production unit with a recognizable production program, and is a leading institution in the field of medicinal plants in Serbia and beyond in the Balkans.
The entire business takes place through organizational units: science, production, sales and finance, and laboratory and quality control services located at several locations in Belgrade and Pancevo.
The Institute implements the quality strategy through a continuous process of research, development, production, control and trade of plant raw materials and products based on medicinal plants, according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, with the application of hazard analysis systems and critical control points (HACCP).
Today, the staff of the Institute consists of 144 employees, of which 17 with the title of Doctor of Science, 4 with a Master of Science and 26 with a university degree in pharmacy and agronomy, chemistry, biology and other related fields.
Harmonious cooperation of all sectors of the Institute in solving everyday issues, fostering correct relations with suppliers and customers, as well as applying the latest knowledge and skills in order to achieve high quality products and services, are the basic postulates on which the Institute bases its business success and plans further development.
ACTION: The active principle cinarin with other ingredients present in the extract of a favourable effect on liver function and bile. The product is recommended, with the right diet, as a helpful means in cases of increased levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood, as a consequence of disorder..
249.00 RSD
It is used as an aid to alleviate hardship in the organs of digestion, against gas and bloating, as well as for inhalation with sinusitis. From the outside to the process of developing the skin and lining up.USAGE: Teaspoon spoon of finely chopped Basil above-ground part overflow Cup (200 ml) of b..
125.00 RSD
It is used to relieve the symptoms of diabetes, with various gastrointestinal disturbances (especially diarrhea), and urinary tract infection, hemorrhoids, for "blood cleansing".USAGE: Soup spoon of Blueberry list overflow with 200 ml of boiling water. The Court cover and after 10 min..
110.00 RSD
COMPOSITION: -Herb vranilove grass (Origani herba) 25% -Herb ždraljike (Meliloti herba) 20% -Herb rastavića (Equiseti herba) 20% -Leaf grape medveđeg (Uvae ursi folium) 25% -parsley Leaf (folium Petroselini) 5% -Leaf Birch (Betulae folium) 5%   Usage: Soup spoon tea overflow with 250 m..
325.00 RSD
It is used to alleviate stomach ailments (cramping, bloating, diarrhea). From the outside to the developing process of the skin and mucous membranes, sunburn, eczema, hemorrhoids, to flush out the wound.USAGE: Soup spoon flower camomile overflow Cup (200 ml) of boiling water. The Court cover and l..
205.00 RSD
It is used for asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory diseases that are accompanied by a strong cough.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Overflow with 200 ml of boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes..
163.00 RSD
It is only used externally for tissue regeneration (Islands with inflammation of joints, bone fractures, arthritis, distortion, hematoma, tromboflebita, ulcers, etc.). We do not recommend applying at places where the povrežena skin, open wounds. Application of limit on 4-6 weeks.USAGE: 80 g roots ..
164.00 RSD
This is used in the process of developing urinary tract infections.USAGE: One teaspoon spoon of corn silk overflow Cup (200 ml) of cold water and heat to boiling. The Court cover and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Procediti and drink three times a day over a cup of nezaslaženog tea.PACKAGING: 50..
99.00 RSD
ACTION: The product represents a mix of the tincture and recommended as an auxiliary therapy in order to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. The effects of this preparation reflected in improving blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and mild sedative effect.COMPOSITION: Calendula ti..
311.00 RSD
ACTION: The active ingredients of products seem soothing at State of nervous tension, feelings of fear and disorder of sleep due to anxiety. The product allows an easy and peaceful sleep and not habit-forming.COMPOSITION: Angelica tincture (Tinct. Angelicae)     10% Chamomile t..
250.00 RSD
ACTION: Active ingredients (essential oils, flavonoids) Act spazmolitično. The product facilitates the brewing, food is better razgražuje and more quickly absorbed. Returns the code functional disturbance of the digestion.COMPOSITION: Chamomile tincture (Tinct. Chamomillae)     ..
255.00 RSD
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