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ACTION: The active principle cinarin with other ingredients present in the extract of a favourable effect on liver function and bile. The product is recommended, with the right diet, as a helpful means in cases of increased levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood, as a consequence of disorder..
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ACTION: The product represents a mix of the tincture and recommended as an auxiliary therapy in order to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. The effects of this preparation reflected in improving blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and mild sedative effect.COMPOSITION: Calendula ti..
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ACTION: The active ingredients of products seem soothing at State of nervous tension, feelings of fear and disorder of sleep due to anxiety. The product allows an easy and peaceful sleep and not habit-forming.COMPOSITION: Angelica tincture (Tinct. Angelicae)     10% Chamomile t..
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ACTION: Active ingredients (essential oils, flavonoids) Act spazmolitično. The product facilitates the brewing, food is better razgražuje and more quickly absorbed. Returns the code functional disturbance of the digestion.COMPOSITION: Chamomile tincture (Tinct. Chamomillae)     ..
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ACTION: Effects consist in better myocardial perfusion and coronary blood vessels, increased tolerance infarction on less oxygen and more effective contraction of the heart muscle. Tincture takože normalize high blood pressure. The product can be applied for reducing code: Initial heart insufficienc..
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ACTION: St John's wort oil, has epitelizirajuće, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect and is used for zarašćivanje wounds, with burns and hemorrhoids.COMPOSITION: Cannabis extract fresh flowers St John's wort (Hyperici flos)Usage:    From the outside, for spreading...
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ACTION: St John's wort oil beneficially to lighter forms of depression (e.g. mitigates menopause discomfort, insomnia, irritability and restlessness). In addition, the product can also be used as a means for reducing the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers in the stomach and intestine dvanaestopalačn..
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ACTION: Nettle contains various mineral salts (Fe, Mg, K, Na, Ca, P) necessary for human organism, vitamins (A, C), chlorophyll and plant hormones. This complex biological ingredients enables the application of preparations as a means of strengthening the body's defenses. Traditionally the tinct..
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ACTION: The product manifest mild sedative effect due to the synergistic action of the constituents of oil, baldrinala (products of decomposition of valepotrijata), and valerenske acid. This acid also exhibits and spazmolitičko and miorelaksantno effect. The product is recommended for feeling, tensi..
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