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Q-Urol is a combination of herbal ingredients with high concentration of Bioflavonoids that have proven effective in easing the symptoms of Chronic prostatitis and painful pelvičnog syndrome and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).COMPOSITION:Each tablet contains: 825 mg of quercetin mixture cal..
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ROYAL BEVERAGE Ginger with honey and lime powder CONTAINS OVER 65% of GINGER/PACK of 5 LITRES of BEVERAGEGinger with honey and lime in the granuloma – To enhance immunity – For better circulation – "Ginger and lemon against migraine – Helps weight loss -Speeds ..
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Royal Beverage Ginger with green tea-DETOX and SLIMMINGGinger with green tea-DETOX and SLIM: A unique combination of Float and green tea from Sri Lanka is reflected in the fact that ginger in combination with other herbs enhances their effect so that the effect of synergy between these two very..
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The royal ginger drink with honey and peach encourages many body functions to work better and relieves pain in bones and joints. In front of you is the "Royal drink" which consists of 65% ginger and which, in addition to numerous health benefits, has a pleasant, refreshing taste.Ginger is one of..
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A dietary supplement which possesses immunomodulatory and protivzapaljenske attributes which emphasizes and strengthens the non-specific immune response of the body. It is very effective in combating symptoms of the pollen allergies.Action: Septilin has imunomodulatorna and antiinflamatorna proper..
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Ađuvantno tool in the treatment of benign hyperplasia of the prostate and oligospermije. Increases the level of testosterone, spermatogenesis, and impact on sexual function. Accelerating spermatogenesis acting on testes, seminal vesicles, and epididymis functions. That increases the amount of semen ..
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Herbal tea mix for problems of fungal diseases Candida. Candida fungus infections are different. Candida is most common in children, old people and pregnant women. Taking oral birth control resources favors the development of Candida. Also antibiotics, and artificial teeth are great base their devel..
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URORELAX, TG FarmProduct description:Relieves symptoms of a urinary tract infection.CompositionDry extract form, dry Birch leaf extract, dry extract parsley.Dosage and method of administration1-2 capsules a day.Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age, pregnant women, nursing ..
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Urifar contains the sugar D-manozu that is responsible for an extremely rapid reaction Urifara because it appears in urine for 30 to 60 minutes after taking the supplements. Its effect is seen in the fact that it prevents the appliance harmful bacteria on urinary bladder cells, allowing the bacteria..
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URIMANOZA PRAŠAK - 40002413 - Nocturnal urination..
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For what is used and what it does Urinotea? Urinotea is a popular tea-herbal blend of seed melon and fruit of cranberries.There are several species and subspecies of Escherichia coli. Those seasonally in our intestines. One species is harmless, it can be said and useful because it produces vitamin..
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Brand: RAZNO
URISCAN TEST STRIPS FOR URINE ANALYSISProduct description:A routine urinalysis test strips is the first step in establishing a diagnosis what allows later selectively testing quantitative laboratory tests. At the same time test-strips are a means of choice when major campaigns in preventive medi..
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