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Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals
DETRICAL 400IUProduct description:Vitamin D3 is one of the necessary vitamins for the functioning of a healthy organism, the deficiency of which usually occurs in the winter. The basic functions of vitamin D3 are:- helps the normal functioning of the immune system.- helps maintain bone health and n..
1,375.00 RSD
Effect: Chromium, vitamins and carefully selected minerals strengthen the body and slow down the development of complications that brings diabetes. Thanks to the herbal components DijabetSTOP regulates abnormal metabolic processes and as an adjunct to conventional therapy of medication helps in reg..
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Brand: RAZNO
The optimal combination of vitamins, minerals and extracts of ginseng, specifically worded for persons with diabetes. Reduces the risk of complications of the disease, eases the process of oxidative stress in diabetes and improving the quality of life.COMPOSITION: -VitaminC -Vitamin B1 -Vitam..
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Brand: RAZNO
DIJABEL Product description:DIJABEL helps diabetics. Diabetes, IE. elevated levels of blood sugar changes the structure and function of the blood vessels, and it threatens the heart, kidneys, eyes, nervous system-all vital organs. DIJABEL helps to stop or significantly slow the deterioration of..
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DOPPELHERZ VITAMINI ZA DIJABETIČARE - 25795009 - Vitamins and minerals..
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DROPS OF NETTLES Product description:Nettle contains various mineral salts (Fe, Mg, K, Na, Ca, P) necessary for human organism, vitamins (A, C), chlorophyll and plant hormones. This complex biological ingredients enables the application of preparations as a means of strengthening the body's d..
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