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BABY AVA PATCHProduct description:A band-aid for your forehead is currently providing a sense of cooling children with mild fever. Safe and ready to use without first putting in the fridge or freezer. Cooling effect lasts up to 8 hours after you paste.  Does not leave sticky traces. Ca..
396.00 RSD
BRONHOCEA powder for oral solutionA bouquet of selected plants for health respiratory system + Vitamin CThe flu — the flu – Cough – Pain in throat-Povišema temperatureBronhocea is a natural product with a combination of carefully selected plants (Marshmallow root..
339.00 RSD
Natural antibiotic, successful in the prevention and fight against all viral and bacterial infections, including a new pandemic flu and H1N1. Acute bacterial infections, viral infections, inflammation of all species tracked temperatures, as well as other serious diseases were successfully cured this..
772.00 RSD
IMMUNOTROFINA DImmunotrofina is a dietary supplement that contains Beta-Glucan and arginine, and is a source of vitamins of B group, vitamin D, and Yoda.These substances are performed by important physiological actions in the body:• Vitamins B6, B12 and D contribute to the normal functi..
1,555.00 RSD
OLY-NAL SPRAYProduct description:The nasal spray, hipertoničan solution, which contains EctoinTM. 100% natural ingredient, obtained from micro-organisms that live in extremely unfavourable habitats (e.g., geysers, lakes, deserts).Action: Odčepljuje nose on soft and natural way. Hipertonič..
479.00 RSD
STOPEROL HYDRAProduct description:Stoperol hydra is a powder for preparation of solution for oral rehidrataciju children and adults. Represents a mixture of glucose and electrolytes, which the body provide minerals and helps maintain proper fluid balance.Formulation preparation and osmolarity ..
865.00 RSD
Tisal oriblettes contains a dry extract of Linden blossom, which serves line sluzokožu throat, relieve inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract and reduce irritation to the tusigene zone. By dissolving Tisal oribleta sooth a sore throat and a dry cough, nadražajni. Linden blossom extrac..
460.00 RSD
Vitacea Imunostrong is a natural preparation is extremely effective with influenza, colds and allergies. Contains a combination of the most popular imunostimulatora. Contributing to the prevention of influenza and the common cold. Stops and relieves the symptoms of influenza and the common cold: fev..
1,253.00 RSD
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