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The Lekić family from the village of Čučale, which is located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik, has been collecting medicinal herbs and making balms and teas for generations. The municipality of Blace, to which the village of Čučale belongs, is known for the production of very healthy food, plums, and a large number of beekeepers.
Grandfather Ljuba Lekić passed on the knowledge and experience gained in making balms and tea blends to his son Dragan for generations. Dragan further expanded his knowledge and interest by consulting professional literature. In addition to collecting medicinal herbs, Dragan has been engaged in beekeeping for 25 years, so he combines his two hobbies very successfully. He combines the collected medicinal plants with honey, propolis, royal jelly and wax and makes very high quality balms and medicinal oils. The most famous balms of the Lekić family are balm for hemorrhoids, balm for veins and swelling and balm for burns.
POULTICE FOR HEMORRHOIDSProduct description:Ointment is prepared from a combination of the following herbs: Comfrey root, flower and leaf, calendula, St John's wort flower flower hajdučice, bark, bark called leske, the plane tree. In addition to the above herbs based on beeswax ointment make..
849.00 RSD
REMEDY FOR VARICOSE VEINSProduct description:Ointment is prepared from a combination of the following herbs: flower and leaf, calendula extract of horse chestnut in alcohol, bark and Comfrey, lavender.  In addition to the above herbs by Mugwort makes the finest lard and beeswax.All the he..
699.00 RSD
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