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The history of “CoD” goes right back to the early 1990’s when Dr. Thomas David was given a bundle of dried plants with major effects by a native inhabitant of the rainforest while he was working as a doctor in South America.In the years after this, he and a team of doctors and scientists went on expeditions lasting months into the depths of the Amazon jungle, living together with the native inhabitants and being introduced to their healing arts. The constituents of one plant, in particular, that was specially cultivated and harvested, was used repeatedly by the natives to treat a wide variety of problems because of its significant action: “dragon’s claw” or “claw of dragon” – from which CoD takes its name.
In the course of more than 25 years of development, use and research activities, the CoD formula was finally expanded and constantly improved by Dr.chin.med. Qin Li who added herbs from the field of TCM.
Today, the main ingredients of the CoD herbal granules are still cultivated by the native tribes in the heart of the Amazon region in accordance with their own traditions and healing knowledge and then combined with high-quality Chinese herbs and processed into granules using a special procedure.
Instructions for entering and dosage CoD capsules:The capsules are taken daily, 30 minutes after a meal with 250 ml of water, as follows:* for General revitalising and strengthening the immune system and health: 2-3 capsules (2 or 3 capsules after breakfast).* for purification and regen..
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