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Product Description


Product description:

Natural clay for oral use
Supplement of mineral origin.
The efficiency of the clay was also known in ancient Egypt. Thanks to the great energy strength and visokomprocentu minerals and trace elements these foods contain, its using improves the immune system. Also, clay cleaned by blotting vigorously the body and getting rid of toxins that are in traditional Eastern medicine, cause of all disease. Clay leaves no chemical arrears in the body, so can be considered the ecological product.
The negative effects of the clay are unknown.

Important notes 
The clay does not need pirpemati in metal containers with metal utensils. 
Once the clay is used for throwing. 
Therapy involves the combined taking clay (drink up and applied). 
The clay should be taken at least 2 hours before or after the use of drugs and preparations of vitamins and minerals, otherwise there may be smnajenja their efficiency. 
Clay always drink half an hour before meals or two – three hours after eating, except in the case of poisoning. 
Clay is submerged in boiled (cold) or sparkling, still water. 
Drink enough water (6-8 glasses a day). 
Clay is a supplement and not replace diverse and balanced diet. 
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. 
Older and more sensitive persons should be intended by the daily amount of clay podelena three ways, with a little more water.
Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should consult with a doctor before taking supplements.


The process of preparing the clay is always the same – every night one full teaspoon of clay, the best wooden, will drown out in a glass of water (not involved) and hang up. Leave to stay the night. Clay is submerged in a boiled prohladjenu or mineral water without gas.

How to use clay
When you first start drinking the clay, you begin at the rate of six weeks, to make the organism gradually used to it. 
First week-every morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating or one hour after meals, drink only water above the clay. Clay, who remain at the bottom of the glass, should be discarded.
The second and third weeks-stir and drink and clay and water. 
The fourth week-break. 
The fifth and sixth weeks-stir and drink and clay and water. 
Subsequent use of clay involves its use with a consecutive ten days, when drinking and clay and water. After that, a real break from 15 days and so alternately.

In acute conditions (intoxication, stomačnihtegoba, etc.), the clay should drink three times a day for one full teaspoon, so clay and water or just water every hour over the clay. Clay needs to rest in the water for at least 15 minutes, and the best one hour before using. In case of emergency poisoning, dissolve the clay in lukewarm water, mix and drink immediately. After that cause vomiting. 

With different diseases it is recommended the following pace: 
Three weeks of drinking water and clay 
One week breaks and alternating and constant. 

With a child we recommend taking clay six weeks, with a break on Sundays, as in the case of preventive use. After six weeks, regulation of metabolism, so the need for food and digestion balance, and samimtim and weight naturally regulates. 
RECOMMENDATIONS (severe disease) 
In parallel with taking clay, in order to remove the cause of the disease, it is recommended to change how menus. You should minimize oily, protein foods, as well as industrial dried vegetables (butter, meat and processed meat etc.), nuts, candies, kvasne vegetables. Recommended consumption of vegetables, clear soup, koštunjavog, and other fruits.

Store in a dry, at room temperature, in the original packaging, out of reach of children. Keep away from powder, soaps and other chemicals, that clay would absorb odors.
Shelf life: unlimited

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