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With their high-quality, natural ingredients, skin care products assist treatments not only in a beauty treatment or practice environment, but are also ideal for home use.
A large part of the ingredients in our products are sourced and processing in Switzerland. For the production we trust on the expertise of leading Swiss producers and use the purest spring water when formulating our products.
Through the use of modern packaging in airless dispensers, our products are not exposed to the air and therefore cannot oxidise. This allows us to keep the use of preservatives to an absolute minimum. This guarantees the low allergenic potential of Cheyladerm.
In order to ensure that Cheyladerm’s high quality requirements are met, all our products are developed and manufactured 100% in Switzerland, in accordance with GMP (ISO certified). The standards of Cheyladerm extend well beyond the general industry standards and the guidelines of the EU and Switzerland. For the production we rely on the expertise of leading Swiss producers and do not experiment on animals. When formulating our products we use only the purest spring water.
The safety and the skin compatibility of our products are our primary focus. As a guarantee of our professionalism, all end products are tested for dermatological compatibility in an internationally recognised laboratory.
CHEYLADERM PURA MILKProduct description:Milk facial cleansersThanks to extracts of plants amarath Pura milk efficiently removes impurities from the face. Herbal extracts from plants moringa skin protects against adverse environmental impact, and coconut oil helps the skin stay elastic an..
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