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The human microbiome is an impressive ecosystem made up of hundreds of trillions of microorganisms that live in symbiosis with the human body. These microorganisms can be found on the surface of the skin, in the intestines, mouth, etc.… The intestinal microbiome is especially important because it greatly affects human health.
Bacteria are perceived by humans primarily as undesirable microorganisms. The fact that the digestive tract of a healthy person is inhabited by as many as 300 to 500 different types of bacteria, which, like a fingerprint, define each of us, speaks of the necessity of "good" bacteria. The number and type of "good" bacteria are defined by the genetic material we inherit, our diet, our lifestyle and our environment.
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The presence of a certain number, a certain type of bacteria is a specificity of the human microbiome. Any deviation in the number and type of bacteria negatively affects human health. That is why diversity is important on the one hand, and balance on the other. Accepting scientific assumptions about the microbiome, we develop probiotics based on a certain type and number of probiotic microorganisms.
Microbiome formation is an ongoing process that begins before birth. During life, it changes, just as every living thing changes. In order to harmonize the needs of the human microbiome for different ages, we are developing formulations for all ages…
DISCOUNT 8%Bullard in the short term stops diarrhea, normalize working bowels, alleviates symptoms and shortens the duration of pre-existing diarrheal diseases. Its unique mechanism of action Bullard attributed the bad bacteria for himself and breaks down bacterial toxins and therefore completel..
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DISCOUNT 10% Bullard probiotic for children is a completely natural probiotic that favorably affects the balance of intestinal microflora, preventing and stopping the diarrhea in children. Is the only probiotic on the market that can be used by children from 2. months of life, and which contains ve..
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