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The main criteria for BluVela's product selection and development are: innovation; exclusivity; quality; uniqueness; fitting into the philosophy of the company; and most importantly, fulfiling a need as a product that customers want to purchase themselves and/or promote to others. BluVela products are always and only introduced with the customer in mind.
What is CordyOx? Cordyox is a supplement based on mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis. Effects and rare exotic mushrooms known are Eastern civilizations for centuries. She was considered a gift from the gods, because the rulers produžavala life, and with the team and their reign. This unusual toadstool, e..
2,849.00 RSD
ROYAL-jelly and Aloe-new, improved formula without sugar and artificial sweetener on the basis of a worldwide unique patent: potion on lyophilized.A combination with two top properties:live healthier enjoy our premium natural beverage Develop a healthy habit has never been easier. Replace the co..
3,289.00 RSD
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