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TR Biovital is a company founded in 2016. since when has it successfully implemented its strategy and achieved its mission and vision. Our mission is - To live healthy with the help of nature, which is achieved with the help of preparations based exclusively on natural substances.
Biovital distributes and sells natural food supplements and all products are registered and entered into the database of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. Recognizable Biovital products are:
Original Curcuma Forte (95% curcuminoid turmeric extract)
Original LiverProtect (liver cleansing and detoxification capsules, based on sycamore and artichoke)
Original Prostate Max3 (capsules for healthy prostate, based on saw palms, pumpkin seeds and nettle root)
Original Femi Balance (capsules for reproductive health and balance in PMS and menopause, based on hemp, St. John's wort and lemongrass)
Original Osteo MaxK2 (capsules based on calcium and vitamins K2 and D3) and
Turmeric gel cream (based on turmeric and herbs)
Immuno C-500 (vitamin C with the addition of rose hip extract and acerola, to strengthen the immune system, protect against viral infections and increase the body's resistance)
Relax Forte (capsules for relieving insomnia, nervousness and depression, based on valerian, lemon balm, passionflower and hops)
Immuno Senior (multivitamin for strengthening immunity and vitality over the age of 50, with the addition of zinc, selenium and coenzyme Q10)
WITHOUT ADDITIVES - All our products in the form of capsules are WITHOUT ADDITIVES
GMO free - Our products do not contain genetically modified microorganisms
GMP - our products are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice
The experience of our team members, continuous training, cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and the quality of Biovital products have contributed to Biovital gaining a wide range of satisfied customers and business associates in a very short time. In order to make our products available to everyone - we are constantly developing and expanding our sales network so that products are available at different points of sale to all categories of society.
Biovital strives to establish good business contacts and does everything to strengthen partnerships based on mutual trust as well as to find ways to satisfy our customers. It actively participates in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and points out the importance of your health.
Biovital Forte Curcuma-Turmeric Capsules(the most popular product)Application:Turmeric is a strong ANTIOXIDANT, antiseptic effect, antiviralno and antibacterial.Turmeric is a natural asset and can have a positive effect on:relieve pain in the JOINTS, back pain, actively reducing..
1,890.00 RSD
BIOVITAL OSTEO MAX K2Product description:Biovital OsteoMaxK2 capsules for osteoporosisApplication: the Original Osteo MaxK2 is a unique and natural formulation for the preservation and strengthening of bones, and blood vessels.  It is recommended for all persons of middle and..
1,890.00 RSD
BIOVITAL PROTECT LIVERProduct description:Supplement to the base of the dry extract of the fruit of sikavice with 130 mg Silimarina and 240 mg dry artichokes ektrakta to support healthy liver, liver cleansing, DETOXIFICATION and prevention.Application: the active ingredients of the extra..
1,980.00 RSD
CURCUMA BIOVITAL GEL CREAMProduct description:Curcuma Biovital Gel Cream-gel cream with CurcuminCream gel with an extract of turmeric, osvežavajućim menthol and other medicinal plants. It is recommended for massaging and care for joints and muscles. Specific formula that is quickly ..
730.00 RSD
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