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Biorela®'s first wish has always been to provide customers with the best products. When it comes to good * bacteria, we always want to find and offer the world's best strains in our products. Biorela® products contain effective, clinically proven strains of good * bacteria of unsurpassed characteristics and quality. Biorela® also ensures the correct doses, and the full strength of the product at all times is confirmed by stability tests. Using the world's leading strains, we guarantee efficient and safe products.
Knowledge is our greatest value. More than 300 clinical studies and published articles confirm that the strains we use are of top quality and efficiency. That is why strains from Biorela® products have become synonymous with good * bacteria. From innovative formulas to superior production, from efficiency studies to excellent stability, from the right dose to the widest range - Biorela® is an expert in all these segments. In order to remain so, we are continuously working on our education and monitoring the very dynamic movement of science in this area.
We try to always be the first to offer you unique products. In addition to Biorela® capsules and powder in bags, we can also boast of innovative chocolate bars. Equally attractive to children and adults, very tasty, practical and completely unique - Biorela® Choco thanks to its chocolate form provides exceptional stability of good * bacteria
Good * bacteria from birth to old age, for the whole family
At every age, good * bacteria of the digestive system need to be present in our body, so it is often necessary to effectively increase their number. Different Biorela® products are therefore intended for different users: children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly. Some products are formulated for everyday use, and some are for special conditions in which we need quick and efficient help, e.g. due to diarrhea or taking antibiotics. Look for your Biorella® in the widest family of good * bacteria, you will surely find it.
Biorela ® is an active probiotic that proven renews and protects the balance of intestinal microflora and maintains a healthy level of beneficial probiotic bacteria important for hoses resiliency. Biorela is an innovative probiotic that contains HOWARU ® restore-protected and unique combinat..
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BIORELA DAILY KAPSULE - 2016 - Diarrhea-after taking antibiotics..
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