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Uz svaku narudžbinu na POKLON Grand Energy Shot 25ml.

Namenjen je: sportistima, studentima, rekreativcima, vozačima od 18 do 60 godina, svim aktivnim i radnim ljudima sklonim fizičkom ili mentalnom naporu.


Based on Solingen knowhow passed down through three generations in the manufacture of high quality steelware, our ERBE instruments today rank among the world’s most acclaimed precision bodycare products.
Our manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics instruments and our straight razors are produced with great care and passion with the aid of ultra modern automation systems, robots, and experienced Solingen master craftsmen. At the same time, particular importance is attached to environmentally friendly production processes.
Each and every product is inspected separately and meticulously before leaving the production halls.
Our company BECKER Solingen has been certified, honoured with awards, and accepted as a member by the following:
DIN EN ISO 14001
IVSH, Germany’s industrial association for cutting and household goods
Ethical Style Award for sustainable production
These are our safeguards for high product quality and shipments to schedule – also for large quantities

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