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ANTI POUNDS 6 in 1 is a refreshing beverage from the powerful chokeberry with addition of 10 vitamins and L-carnitine that antioxidant purifies the organism from toxic substances, supplemented by the lack of vitamins in your diet, burn fat, refreshes the persons having physical activity by providing them with the necessary energy and really a nice figure. Try the most powerful drink in the world with a taste of wild fruit in a slightly gaziranoj version.

The contents of the 6 in 1 Potion:

The importance of ORAC-and-SIMPLE CAPACITY ORAC
ARONIA is the most powerful fruits in the world a lot of medicinal properties. Mature fruits of the Siberian Chokeberry contain large amounts of biofenola, tannins, catechins, flavonida, antocijanina (most of all hitherto known fruit species), folic acid, vitamins A, C (8-10 times higher concentration than in southern fruit), B2, B6, B9, E, and a very rare vitamin c as well as potassium, calcium, betakaroten, iron, manganese, molybdenum, iodine and phosphorus. A huge amount of tannin and flavonida, where the lead has a antocianid, Sibirsku Aroniju makes the strongest so far known SKIN-SAVING ANTIOXIDANT.

The oxygen radical absorbance capacity:
(Antioxidant capacity) is a unit for measuring the value of antioxidants in food.
Every second, in the human organism, each cell is attacked with thousands of free radicals. Damage which thus arise over time encourage and create a foundation for the development of many chronic diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Free radicals are formed as a result of oxidation processes of cells. Right, antioxidants that prevent oxidation of cells in the body and create free radicals and neutralize existing. USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that 100 g fruit of chokeberry contain 16100 ORAC units. 16100 µ mo l/100 g, and the recommended daily dose was 3000 ORAC-5000 ORAC units for ensuring optimal antioxidant protection of human tissue and plasma, which corresponds to 0.1-0.2 dl dl concentrate Siberian Chokeberry.

 In scientific studies is published also, to total antocianid (the most important antioxidant) contained in aroniji is 1480 mg per 100 g of fresh fruit and 664 mg Proanthocyanidins on 100 g, which is an extremely high concentration. Documented is that the proantocijanidin contained in aroniji help prevent development of malignant lung tumor cell, the large intestine and leukemia, without damaging healthy cells.

Pilkington, Ropai and sar. from the University of Maryland, were in his study showed that when it was introduced fruit extract chokeberry in treating highly developed brain tumors, for 24 hours of cell cancer were completely uništete, and in the case of colon cancer HT-29 in the first 24 hours, neutralized the 60% malignant cells.

When it comes to burning fat surrender to L-karnitinu which burns fat, increases energy and improves resistance to muscular fatigue that is familiar with amino acids or dietary supplement. Sagorevač L-carnitine plays a key metabolic role of stimulating the job loss of body weight, because fat burns and converts into energy. L-carnitine is extremely useful in the productivity of the heart and kardiovaskluranog systems.

Vitamin C:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: 5 mg-10 mg. Found in fish oil, yeast, herring, sardines and other seafood fish, eggs, avocados, butter, kajmaku, beef. It is important to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, affects fertility, immune system and proper ossification. Deficiency causes rickets in children, razmekšavanje and šupljikavost bones in older, spasms. Large amounts of vitamin D are toxic, and the daily dose is always combined with vitamin a.

Vitamin E:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: 10 mg-15 mg. Has it sprouted grains, corn, sunflower and olive oil, walnuts, nuts, avocados, almond, kikirikuju, mahunastom vegetables. It's like an antioxidant, affects the proper secretion of hormones, the functioning of the muscles and nervous system, protects against radiation, toxic substances, pharmaceuticals and metals. Reduces the risk of malignant diseases, and protects the heart and bloodstream. Lack of this vitamin causes abnormal working muscles and the nervous system.

Vitamin B1:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: 1 mg-1.2 mg. Found in cereals (wheat, rice, soy), yeast, vegetable mahunastom, products and services, cauliflower, pork meat. It is necessary for normal functioning of nerve cells, facilitates growth, fertility, lactation and digestion. Lack of this vitamin causes neurological disorders such as neuropathy, emotional insecurity, muscle weakness, fatigue, depression and disease beriberi.

Vitamin B-2:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: 1 mg-1.2 mg. Found in milk and dairy products, yeast, eggs, meat, cereals, mahunastom vegetables. An ingredient of many important Coenzyme required for enzymatic processes in the organism, affect eyesight, participate in the construction of cells of mucous membranes, skin and red blood cells. His lack of influence on changes to the lining up and causes inflammation of the tongue, eyes, swelling of the lips, anemia, intestinal disorders, muscle weakness and growth.

Vitamin B6:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: 1.2 mg-2 mg. Found in cereals, potatoes, eggs, fish, svinjsom meat, innards, green cabbage, bananas and yeast, and it sintetiše intestinal flora. It's important for the metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids and some amino acids. Lack of this vitamin causes skin diseases and nervous disorders.

Vitamin B 12:
Daily requirement for this vitamin: May 3 to the ICG. It's in the intestines, milk, meat, eggs, and it sintetiše intestinal flora. It is necessary for growth, proper creation and maturation of red blood cells and normal functioning of the nervous system. Deficiency causes anemia and severe changes in the nervous system. With vegetarians comes to a vitamin deficiency, because plant foods do not contain enough vitamin B12.

Folic acid:
Folic acid is important for the synthesis of DNA, and to the functioning of every cell in the body. Plays a significant role in ertitropoezi (the creation of red blood cells). So the lack of these acids in the body leads to anemia. Has an important role in converting amino acids, primarily lowers homocysteine levels in the blood

Calcium is also known as a building element for strengthening and strength of bones, teeth and nails, but it is less known that he looks very positive on the nerves, muscles, organs for digestion, blood circulation and metabolism in addition, the latest research found that calcium acts as an activator of the enzyme for the development of brain cells, facilitates implementation of bioelektričnih impulse through the body, has its share of blood coagulation, facilitates medication, allows muscle spasms and participates in the production of hormones.
Calcium beneficial affects: during pregnancy, during breast-feeding, in perimenopauzi and menopause, relieves aches PMS and slows down the aging process.
In the following issues, diseases and ailments-role of calcium is irreplaceable: acne, allergies, anxiety, asthma, painful periods, muscle aches, headaches, obesity, depression, teoporoza, high blood pressure, eating disorders (obesity, loss of appetite ...), problems with hair, libido problems, problems with organs for digestion, eating in the growth of children, stress, hyperthyroidism.

Inputs and composition of enzymes important for the metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins. If there is a deficit breach is breathing all tissue and synthetic processes, participate in contracting mišićnoj, niacin reduces low-density lipoprotein synthesis small density, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, an essential for the synthesis of sex hormones.

Helps in converting food into energy, creating red blood cells, producing hormones, fatty acids and steroids, the renewal of the skin, nerves and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract stabilization work, mental health and neutralisanju toxic effect some drugs and chemical substances in the body.

This applies in the prophylaxis and treatment of pelagre, it is also used in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and migraines, hyperlipidemia. Nicotinic Acid is also used as a means to detoxify the organism. Namely, Nicotinic Acid can cleanse the body from a number of toxic substances, pollutants, and even of some drugs. This feature of vitamin B3 has only recently discovered. It's been reported that this vitamin, along with other therapies, can reduce confusion, caused by using drugs such as LSD and similar. Some feel that this vitamin can partly to clear the organism even of heroin.

Niacin a solid success is reflected in the treatment and prevention of schizophrenia (a group of mental illnesses where the personality disorder) and some other mental disorder. Niacin helps establish a healthy condition of the digestive system and relieves gastrointestinal disorders (disorders of the intestine). Then giving the skin a healthier appearance, prevents or makes it easier for migraine, boosts blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure, relieves diarrhea attacks, helps the removal of pain management for cancer and bad breath from your mouth.

Leaf green tea:
Studies have shown that drinking green tea helps prevent the spread of breast cancer in women in premenopausal women. Women that are diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stages of disease and that the chicken for 5 Cup of green tea a day before their diagnosis, they were less likely to get the disease recurs after treatment. However, women who had been in the late stages of breast cancer had little or no benefit from drinking green tea. A survey in Japan showed that consumption of green tea is not affected by the reduction in the risk of developing breast cancer. Studies have shown that green tea lowers total cholesterol and raises the HDL ("good", protective) cholesterol. It has been confirmed that people who consumed green tea have lower total cholesterol than those who did not drink a cup of green tea every day. Polyphenols, green tea component, they have the ability to reduce cholesterol absorption in the intestines and to stimulate its excretion from the body. Green tea is traditionally used for regulac

It is useful for the treatment of various diseases such as želudačni problems, bloating, digestive difficulties and lack of appetite. Then z

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