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Preparations against dandruff and seborrhoeic

BIOŠAMPON AGAINST DANDRUFF with FRUIT ACIDS and YEAST EXTRACT for the difference of the other shampoo contains basically spring water oligomineralnu and ultrahranljivi complex of B vitamins and natural fruit acids; activates seboregulativne and anti-inflammatory function of the head skin, hyd..
215.00 RSD
BIOŠAMPON with FRUIT ACIDS and YEAST EXTRACT, for DRY, WEAK HAIR, DANDRUFF, unlike other shampoo contains basically spring water oligomineralnu and complex natural bioactive substances; natural fruit acids, vitamin T and B complex. CHANGES of ROOT Biošampon works through the scalp i..
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BURR DANDRUFF SHAMPOO AND FOR STRENGTHENING HAIR Product description: BURЯA shampoo against dandruff and for strengthening hair works on preservation of the protein structure of hair, reduces damage to the hair after styling, that, effectively controls the formation of dandruff, while at the s..
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For thousands of years men and women are looking for a solution for poor growth of hair which ended in the complete loss of hair. How hair is a symbol of beauty, and her loss very often causes cosmetic, medical, psychological and social problems. In order to stop this hair needs care, especially for..
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-Efficient and long-lasting removes dandruff -Reduces irritation of top head Contains 3.5% Azol-active repositories with Klimbazolom, Oktopiroksom and Polidokanolom. Successfully removes dandruff and prevents the formation of njogovo again. Osetijivom top heads need cleaning especially tre..
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Brand: KRKA
Dandruff is very common and unpleasant problem. Causes of dandruff are different, and a common source of this illness is the excessive multiplication of the fungus Pityrosporum ovale. Peeling skin head is often accompanied by redness, irritation and unpleasant itch. In the laboratories of Krka are d..
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