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Brand: RAZNO
FEATURES: -Helps to establish balance the endocrine system -Impact on the exchange of substances in the body and activate all bodily functions -Increase the appetite and the ability, as well as the powers of observation and concentration Pollen is an amazing concentration of almost all nutrien..
279.00 RSD
Brand: RAZNO
Usage: Pollen very favourable effect on human body by normalizing the metabolism calms the nervous system, pinned down, preventing headaches, beneficially with insomnia, maintains the biological balance of the body. Pollen in children stimulates growth and increases appetite, relieves anemia, have ..
700.00 RSD
CALIVITA GINKO XC TABLETS Product description: Ginkgo XC is a preparation that contains a large amount of extract of Gingko biloba tree list, which effectively supports microcirculation of blood, oxygen delivery and consumption of cells, as well as healthy brain function, while at the same tim..
2,665.00 RSD
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