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The company BY MAGIC, founded in 2015 in Nis, is engaged in the production and sale of perfumes and disinfectants. In cooperation with world perfume companies, we provide high quality of our products, which make our clients' days magically fragrant every day.
Mission and vision of our company
From the very beginning of its establishment, the business policy of the company is to provide high quality and provide top fragrant notes at affordable prices. Guided by this principle, we have created hand sanitizers with a base of perfume in them. Our goal is to build a recognizable global brand, which will keep pace with new technologies and trends and through the improvement of knowledge and organizational structure to meet the expectations of its customers.
Top quality
By Magic strives to make our customers feel and smell nice, so we skillfully formulate products to the highest standards. The safety of our products comes first, which is confirmed by numerous certificates.
The latest technology
The production process of our products takes place in a modern BY MAGIC factory that is equipped according to European standards. At each stage of the production process, quality control is performed in accordance with applicable technological standards to ensure the high quality and safety of our products.

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