Your long-awaited and prepared vacation is approaching. We all look forward to traveling, preparing various activities and longer stays in nature.

Summer joys, but also changing places of residence can sometimes lead to minor accidents and health problems. Most places you travel to have pharmacies, but to avoid unpleasant surprises, a travel pharmacy should be an integral part of your luggage.

As something is always forgotten when packing, we will help you with what you should not forget, especially if you are going on a summer holiday with your children.

A travel pharmacy should include:

  • against diarrhea and stomach problems - PROBIOTIC for children and adults
  • sunscreen and After Sun Care
  • allergies, burns, after insect bites
  • for lowering the temperature, the thermometer, for relieving all kinds of pain and for the cold (septolete, nasal spray)
  • against dehydration, nausea and vomiting
  • to treat minor skin injuries (antiseptic, gauze, patch and bandage)
  • mosquito and insect repellent

With the help of a pharmacist, you can make your own "travel pharmacy" according to your needs.

Don't forget your health book and travel insurance!

Now, your vacation can be carefree and safe. Have a great vacation!