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About Us

Pharmacy Online is part of Pharmacy "Alek" which was founded in 2014. They make the collective pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have been involved in pharmacy business for many years. Our work follows continuous professional development of all employees, as well as the legally required continuing education. All pharmacists as well pharmaceutical technicians are licensed to work in a healthcare facility and strive for a common goal - knowledge and kindness meet the needs of all pharmacy service users.

In addition to applying current scientific results in pharmacy practice, we also keep up with new trends in communication with service users.

Our experience shows that pharmacy is a necessity for service users due to lack of time which I can access at any time, from any location. Guided by such customer service needs, we have brought the decision to offer a new, modern and accessible way to inform and buy. That's how the project started www.apotekaonline.rs. Pharmacy Online aims to service users:

  • offer the service of an online pharmacist
  • facilitates access to information about particular preparations, their action and route of administration, interactions,      side effects, storage method
  • provide product price information, discounts and promotions
  • enable ordering of preparations which are not in the standard offer of this site.

as well as that of the service user:

  • it spares all the nuisances associated with privacy violations that result from buying it in full pharmacy
  • spares you searching for preparations at different locations, waiting in lines, etc.

Pharmacy "Alek"
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